FEATURED: Favorite Modern Farmhouse Decor on Etsy

Modern Farmhouse Etsy Shops

Modern Farmhouse Etsy Shops

Welcome!  Each month I will feature some of my favorite modern farmhouse decor Etsy shops I have discovered over the years. As a former Etsy store owner, I appreciate the hardwork and dedication these shops take to maintain.

But not every Etsy store is the same and I’ve spent many hours trying to find the best modern farmhouse decor. 


Brenda at Lemon Leaf Market has the most beautiful selection of modern farmhouse style pots of greenery and wreaths. From her Etsy shop: “It’s a great time of year to add a touch of simple, fresh, and pretty to your space.” And I completely agree! If you do not have the skills or time to create your own greenery accents to your farmhouse you will not go wrong with anything in her shop. 


Danielle at Rustic Home By Design has the market cornered (in my humble opinion) on handmade farmhouse pillow covers. We will be buying a new home at the end of this year and I cannot WAIT to stock my house with these! 


The Woods Collective has some really impressive modern farmhouse signs and house numbers. I will definitely be purchasing a house number sign for our new house later this year!

If you want to see more rustic and modern farmhouse decor check out our selection. You may just get inspired for more than just farmhouse…. aim for the simple life……